Invictus X7

experience cleaning in a new dimension

Powerful vacuuming - wherever and whenever it is needed. Just take it off of the wall mount and get started - nothing stands in the way of the deep-clean suction results! It can be used everywhere - floors, carpet, furniture, curtains, lamps - any interior and exterior areas for thorough and gentle cleaning.

Introducing the Amazing Invictus X7

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Verified Reviews

Wendy P.

My new vac

The invictus x7 is the best vacuum cleaner i have ever used i can go over the whole house with out having to plug the machine into different rooms my husband vacuumed the lounge floor with our old machine when i went over it with the invictus x7 the cylinder was full of dust great suction power i love it.

Judy G.

We are so impressed

We are so impressed with the Invictus. Our carpets have never looked cleaner. The customer service person was amazing & looked after us extremely well. We would recommend the Invictus to others without hesitation & also would be happy recommending the customer service of the TV Shop. Definitely a very happy customer here. 😊

Jessica S.

Amazing I love It!

Amazing i love it my family say it’s much quieter than the normal vacuum we’ve got. love how it’s easy to empty, vacuum underneath the beds and couch. i’ve used it on my cushions and curtains including our mattresses. my kids love using the vacuum now.

The Secret is ..

that it vacuums with INCREDIBLE POWER so you can clean up Kid and Pet Messes, Food Spills, Dried-On Stuck-On Messes, and many more in seconds .

Cordless & Lightweight

Have the freedom to clean anywhere, anytime, on any surface without any cords to get in the way. It weighs less than 2.3kg so you can use it with one hand.

Quick-Clean Function

Easy to empty the dust container at the touch of a button. Capacity: 0.5 litres.

LED Headlights

See Where the Dirt is Hiding & clean up the messes hiding in dark places.

Motorised Electric Brush

With the universal brush you can vacuum all floors, whether hard or soft floors.

Low Profile Design

It gets you into places that you could never clean before so you can get under everything with ease.


X Water


Revolutionise Your Cleaning Routine

Effortlessly clean hard floors and refresh carpets using pure water or add few drops of your favorite cleaning solution. Its self-cleaning head ensures a fresh brush roller every time, ready to tackle liquid spills and maintain pristine floors. Transform your cleaning experience with convenience and deep-cleaning power.

Invictus X7

Powerful and Versatile Vacuum cleaner

♦  High-performance BLDC motor 380 watts, 2.5 times suction power and up to 80,000 rpm.
♦  3-way filter system, including HEPA filter.
♦  Replaceable 25.2 V lithium-ion battery.
♦  Battery charging time 3-4 h.
♦  Battery life max. 30 min, in boost mode: 8 min.
♦  Motorised electric brush: for 2 uses – universal or ultra-soft brush roll with 10,000 revolutions per minute.
♦  Motorised mini electric brush with 8,000 revolutions per minute.
♦  Dust container with a capacity of 0.5 litres.
♦  Length of the suction tube approx. 71 cm.
♦  5 LED lights.
♦  Storage and charging at the same time: practical wall mount with charging function.
♦  Storage box with storage space for additional parts

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